Faults can spoil our mood. Minor plumbing or electrical problems? Or do you need help with repair and renovation work? Don't worry about breakdowns! Take advantage of the service available on SeniorApp. 

What does the service consist of?

A one-time service performed at the Ordering Party's home, lasting approx. 1 hour.
Consists of small or emergency works in the field of plumbing, electricity, or renovation and repair services (including, for example, furniture assembly). Basic tools are needed to perform simple services, without the use of specialized equipment and without the need to work at height.

The service is available in the following options:

  • Refurbishment and repair works,
  • Plumbing work, 
  • Electrical work.


The rate includes travel to the Principal. The tools necessary to perform the service shall remain on the Contractor's side (unless the parties agree otherwise). Other costs, e.g. the use of materials, are billed individually on the basis of a receipt.

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How do I order the service?

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A handyman is a person with a wide range of skills who specialises in a variety of home repair and renovation services. This is the person who can help you fix a dishwasher, a broken appliance or replace a light bulb. The handyman can also perform simple electrical repairs and carry out wall painting. Thanks to his or her expertise and experience, you can trust that a broken appliance will be repaired efficiently and the renovation work will be carried out reliably and professionally. Service Handyman is the choice for those looking for expert help with home repairs and renovations.

To check the availability of service contractors, log into SeniorApp, select a handyman service and enter your location. You will see the available handymen in your area. You can then select the person with the right rate for you.

To get a quote for a handyman service, we recommend using the app, where you can browse the profiles of different contractors and compare their prices, references and availability. On the app, you will often find pricing information for specific handyman services.