Cleaning the flat

There is nothing better than tidiness in our flat! Don't have time to clean? Or are you not keen on tidying up? We have something for you! Take advantage of the Cleaning your flat service available on SeniorApp. 

What does the service consist of?

Service performed in the client's home. Polega na wykonaniu podstawowych porządków domowych z wyłączeniem pracy na wysokościach oraz mycia okien. 

The service is available in the following time variants:

  • 1 hour,
  • 2 hour,
  • 3 hours. 


The rate includes travel to the Purchaser. The cleaning agents required for the service remain with the Purchaser (unless otherwise agreed by the parties).

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Our post-renovation flat cleaning services include comprehensive cleaning of various surfaces such as floors, walls, windows, doors and furniture. We use specialised tools and methods that allow us to achieve excellent results without the use of aggressive chemicals. We strive to ensure cleanliness, hygiene and freshness, while taking care of our clients' health and the environment. Trust our post-renovation flat cleaning services and you will not only receive a clean and tidy interior, but also a professional approach and complete satisfaction. Our trained cleaning team knows their stuff and guarantees that your home will be thoroughly cleaned after the renovation is complete. We offer a post-renovation flat cleaning service that is ideal for people who want to save time and effort by putting the cleaning in the hands of professionals. We focus on quality, taking care of every detail to get your home in looking like new. Contact us today and see how our post-renovation residential cleaning services can make your life easier. Discover the convenience and satisfaction of using our flat cleaning services, flat cleaning after renovation, post renovation cleaning, house cleaning, cleaning services and domestic services. Let us take care of the cleaning while you enjoy your newly renovated flat!

The price of a cleaning service depends on a number of factors, including the size of the flat, the degree of dirt, the scope of work to be done and the location. Each contractor on the app prices their services individually, taking into account their costs, time and effort required to complete the task. To get a quote for a cleaning service, we recommend using the app, where you can browse the profiles of different contractors and compare their prices, references and availability. On the app, you will often find information on prices for specific cleaning services, as well as additional options such as window cleaning. It is important to provide as much information as possible about your home and your cleaning expectations so that contractors can give you an accurate estimate of the cost of the service. You can also talk to several contractors, ask about their prices and compare quotes before making a final decision. Remember that price is one of the factors to consider when choosing a contractor. It is also important to check reviews and references to make sure you are choosing professionals who will perform the service to your satisfaction. You can find a wide selection of contractors offering cleaning services on the app, so you can find the best deal to suit your needs and budget.

The price is set individually by the service contractor, and the user has the option to choose a contractor from a list of services in the app, with a price that matches his or her expectations. In the case of cleaning a flat, a renovation or a house, the scope of work may vary depending on the client's needs. The price can depend on the size of the area to be cleaned, the number of rooms, the degree of dirt and the type of additional services, such as cleaning carpets, windows or furniture. Our company offers flat cleaning services, flat cleaning after renovation, post-renovation cleaning, house cleaning and domestic services. We aim to provide a fair and competitive price that is tailored to the individual needs of the client. To get a quote for a flat cleaning service, we invite users to use our app, where users can select a contractor from a list of services, along with various prices. Each contractor prices the service according to the scope of work and their operating costs. Our app provides convenience and flexibility, allowing you to find the best deal that meets your expectations in terms of quality and price. Enjoy a clean and tidy interior by taking advantage of our flat cleaning services, flat cleaning after renovation, cleaning after renovation, house cleaning, cleaning services and other domestic services.