Smartphone Education

Do you feel unsure when operating your smartphone? Or perhaps there has been a problem using a particular function or app? The service contractors in our app are happy to help! Take advantage of the Smartphone Education service available on the SeniorApp. 

What does the service consist of?

One-off service performed in the client's home or in another location of the client's choice (e.g. library, café, etc.), lasting approximately 1 hour. 

This consists of minor assistance in the use of the smartphone. The Contractor will configure and personalise the phone according to the Employer's needs. He will help set up an e-mail account, install and use applications. In addition, he will explain the principles of safe use of the phone and the Internet. 

The rate includes travel to the customer.

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The Smartphone Education service available on CustomerApp is a comprehensive smartphone learning support designed specifically for seniors. Our service is designed to help you master new technologies and enable our customers to use their smartphone to its full potential. Our qualified Service Contractors will provide assistance with phone configuration and personalisation. They will help set up an email account so that users can send and receive messages freely. In addition, they will take care of the installation and operation of various applications, such as social messaging, online banking applications and multimedia. In this way, our customers will be able to use the various functions of their smartphone. Our Smartphone Education service also focuses on providing guidance on safe phone and internet use. Our specialists will share practical tips to help our customers protect their data and avoid online risks. As part of our education programme, our Smartphone Education service offers learning how to use a smartphone, including basic functions, using apps, sending messages, taking photos and much more. Our team is friendly, patient and adapts to the individual needs of our clients, ensuring a calm and effective learning experience. Customer seniors are welcome to take advantage of our Smartphone Education service to gain the confidence to use a smartphone and explore the possibilities that modern technology can bring to everyday life. Learning to use a smartphone has never been easier or more fun with SeniorApp.

The Smartphone Education service usually lasts around 1 hour, which is sufficient time to provide a complete smartphone education. During this time, our qualified service contractors will set up the phone, install the necessary applications and provide the necessary education in the smartphone area. With a personalised approach and practical guidance, our specialists will help customers master the basic functions of the phone, sending messages, using apps, taking photos and much more. Our goal is to provide confidence and skill in using a smartphone at a comfortable pace. Take advantage of the Smartphone Education service and discover the possibilities that modern technology has to offer in your everyday life. Learning how to use a smartphone has never been easier or more accessible with SeniorApp.

Yes, the Smartphone Education service can take place in the Ordering Party's home or at a location of their choice such as a library, café, etc. Our team adapts to your preferences and strives to provide a comfortable smartphone learning environment. Our qualified professionals are ready to come to you and conduct a learning session, allowing you to learn in the comfort of your home. Our goal is to provide flexibility and convenience so you can focus on learning and mastering new technologies. Take advantage of our Smartphone Education service and our specialists will help you navigate the world of smartphones with confidence, no matter where you are. Learning how to use a smartphone has never been so easy and convenient with SeniorApp.

Yes, travel to the ordering party is included in the Smartphone Education service rate. You don't have to worry about additional transport charges. Our priority is to make our service convenient and easy to access. Our team will come to you wherever you are to deliver comprehensive smartphone learning. Learning to use a smartphone has never been so convenient and affordable with SeniorApp.