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The SeniorApp is a free, nationwide platform designed for people in need and their families, seeking support with care and everyday struggles, and for those who want to offer help.
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Each user is verified by our staff before they start using the Platform.


Your security is our top priority. Transactions in the app are secured by the highest quality banking systems.

Cashless payments

Taking care of the Senior's safety, payments are made only cashless. The Tasker is paid after the service is provided

Easy to use

We are constantly working on our platform so as it can be transparent, intuitive and simple.


The rating system for Tasker and Seniors gives you the opportunity to see who you are working with and helps ensure the highest quality of service.


SeniorApp, as a community, is committed to transparency in collaboration, so all recommendations are visible to the public.

Check out how easy it is!

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5 steps in the app

Sign up / Log in

Creating an account and registering are completely free. All you need is some basic data. Enter them with a few clicks on your keyboard and get started.

Choose service

Day care, night care, shopping, cleaning, walking your dog or keeping you company - whatever you need. Set a deadline for the service. Choose a Tasker from a list of those available in your area.

Pay for the service

The app will guide you through the payment process step by step using the highest level of security.

Get help

Make an appointment for a specific time with your Tasker.

Give feedback

Leave feedback if you have a moment, your ratings and comments are valuable for other users. You can also see how the people you work with are evaluated. Do you like SeniorApp? Tell about us your close ones.

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Use the SeniorApp via
website or download the app to your phone.

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