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Oferujemy usługi sprzątania mieszkania, mycia okien, złotej rączki i prac w ogrodzie. Zapewnimy perfekcyjne sprzątanie, bezsmugowe okna, profesjonalne prace ogrodowe i wiele więcej. Oszczędź swój cenny czas i oddaj te zadania w nasze ręce. Pozwól nam stworzyć wymarzone wnętrze i urokliwy ogród. Wybierz nasze usługi i ciesz się czystością, blaskiem okien oraz pięknem swojego ogrodu.

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  • Cleaning your home has never been so much fun.
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  • Repair broken equipment with SeniorApp's golden handyman.

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Each user is verified by our staff before they start using the Platform.


Your security is our top priority. Transactions in the app are secured by the highest quality banking systems.

Cashless payments

Taking care of the Senior's safety, payments are made only cashless. The Tasker is paid after the service is provided

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Tylko teraz! 15% na dowolną usługę SeniorApp!

Promocja ograniczona ilościowo. Potrzebujesz wsparcia? Zadzwoń do nas 727 20 70 20 – pomagamy od poniedziałku do piątku 9:00-17:00.

Ryszard Ch.

„Dzisiaj to mój pierwszy raz z aplikacją i obiecuję że nie ostatni. Moje pierwsze wrażenie nad wyraz pozytywne: przemiła, cierpliwa obsługa, zakres  usług trafiony w 10-kę, opiekun solidny, rzetelny i sympatyczny. […]” 

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❣️Zapraszamy na #115 odcinek SeniorNiusów!❣️ W dzisiejszych Seniorniusach dowiesz się jak będzie wyglądał Restaurant Week w 2023 roku. Można już rezerwować miejsca na jesienną


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How to help?

If you want to know how to help others effectively, read the contents of the SeniorApp report "Assessment of Support Needs for Seniors in Poland".

Are you looking for a reliable apartment cleaning service? By selecting Home cleaning service in SeniorApp, you can be sure that your expectations will be met.

What makes our service unique? First of all, at SeniorApp we understand the needs of our clients, who are mostly Seniors. We adapt our services to their individual requirements. Our experienced contractors are friendly, considerate and understanding of our clients' needs.
In addition, we care about the safety and comfort of our clients. Each of our employees undergoes a thorough verification process through a secure banking system. You can rest easy knowing our cleaners and contractors are trustworthy.

Our apartment cleaning services are comprehensive and flexible. We offer a wide range of services that include floor cleaning, vacuuming, window cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning and much more.
At SeniorApp, we know how valuable our clients' time is. That's why we try to provide fast and effective service. Our cleaning team is well organized and available, ready to act at a time convenient for you deadline.

Choosing our service Cleaning your apartment, you choose professionalism, trust and comprehensive care. Enjoy a clean and tidy apartment, while being sure that your needs are our priority.
Contact us today and see why it is worth choosing the apartment cleaning service in SeniorApp. Take care of your apartment and we'll take care of the rest!

I want a clean flat! 

Clean and shiny windows can change the look of your apartment. If you are looking for a professional window cleaning service, SeniorApp is an excellent choice. our service? First of all, at SeniorApp we have the best contractors who will gladly and with the greatest care wash your windows . Our experienced staff have the necessary skills to ensure your windows are perfectly clean.

Safety and trust are the most important for us. All our employees undergo thorough verifications to provide you with the highest sense of security. When ordering washing windows in SeniorApp You can be sure that your windows are in good hands.

Our service cleaning windowsat SeniorApp is comprehensive and flexible. Regardless of the type of windows, their location or size, we are able to cope with any challenge. We take care of cleanliness both outside and inside the windows, carefully removing any dirt. At SeniorApp, we value your time and convenience. Our team is punctual and professional, providing fast and efficient service. You can be sure that window cleaning will be done efficiently, leaving you more time for other important matters.

By choosing the window cleaning service in SeniorApp, you choose high quality, reliability and amazing results. We offercomprehensive window cleaning, effective removal of stains, dirt and impuritiesto keep your windows sparkling.

Contact us today and see why it is worth using the window cleaning service. Put your windows in the hands of SeniorApp contractors and enjoy immaculate cleanliness! We guarantee perfect window cleaning, professional cleaning, comprehensive window cleaning service.

I want to have clean windows! 

Do you dream of a beautiful garden, but you lack the time and skills to take care of it yourself? The garden work service in SeniorAppis the perfect solution for you.

At SeniorApp, your satisfaction and convenience are valued. That is why our team is flexible and ready to adapt the work to your preferences. Regardless of whether you need one-time help in the garden or regular care, you can adjust the work schedule to your needs.
We provide comprehensive garden service. Our team knows about plants and has knowledge about proper care. We care about the health and aesthetics of your garden so that you can enjoy the beauty of nature around you.

W SeniorApp ceni się Twoje zadowolenie i wygodę. Dlatego nasz zespół jest elastyczny i gotowy do dostosowania prac do Twoich preferencji. Bez względu na to, czy potrzebujesz jednorazowej pomocy w ogrodzie, czy regularnej opieki, możesz dostosować harmonogram prac do twoich potrzeb.
Zapewniamy kompleksową obsługę ogrodową. Nasz zespół zna się na roślinach i ma wiedzę dotyczącą prawidłowej pielęgnacji. Dbamy o zdrowie i estetykę Twojego ogrodu, abyś mógł cieszyć się pięknem przyrody wokół siebie.

By choosing the garden work service in SeniorApp, you get a professional approach and support in maintaining your garden. Put your garden in the hands of experienced gardeners and enjoy the beautiful surroundings without having to spend your own time and effort.
Contact us today and see why it is worth using the garden work service at SeniorApp. Take care of your surroundings and we'll take care of the rest! We guarantee comprehensive gardening services, adaptation of works to your needs, careful and precise performance of garden tasks.

I want a beautiful garden! 

Would you like to learn how to use a smartphone and expand your digital competences? Service smartphone of education w SeniorApp is a perfect solution for older people who want to master modern technologies.

What makes our service unique? First of all, at SeniorApp we offer personalized smartphone training. Our instructors are skilled and patient, helping you step by step to master the functions of your smartphone. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, the contractor adapts the learning to your level.

Our service smartphone education is focused on expanding the digital competence of older people. We want to give you the confidence to use modern technologies. You will learn to manage applications, send messages, browse the Internet and much more.
SeniorApp allows you to learn at a comfortable pace. There is no time pressure or stress. You can learn at your own pace and focus on the areas that matter most to you. Our goal is to make learning fun and rewarding.

By choosing the smartphone education service in SeniorApp, you invest in your digital competences.Get confidence in using your smartphone and open the door to new opportunities. Feel confident in the world of technology and enjoy easier access to information and communication.

Use our smartphone education services in SeniorApp and give yourself a chance to learn and develop in the digital world. Master your smartphone and enjoy the benefits of modern technology.

I want to learn how to use a smartphone! 

Do you needprofessional help with home repairs?The handyman service in SeniorApp is a perfect solution for the elderly who need support in repairing taps, light bulbs or broken equipment.

What makes our service unique? First of all, in SeniorApp we have experienced contractors who are able to effectively repair various types of defects. Regardless of whether you have a problem with a leaking faucet, a burnt out light bulb or damaged equipment, our employees provide professional support.

Our service handyman is convenient and saves time. You don't have to worry about searching for the right tools or trying to fix it yourself. Our employees will come to you with the necessary equipment and perform needed repairs quickly and efficiently.

At SeniorApp, we appreciate your needs and comfort. Our handyman service is flexible and tailored to your requirements. We can provide you not only professional repair, but also technical adviceand recommendations on the purchase of new equipment, if necessary.
By choosing the handyman service in SeniorApp, you can be sure that your problems will be effectively solved.

You no longer have to worry about home repairs and technical difficulties. Trust our experienced team and enjoy efficient and effective repairs. Use the handyman service in SeniorApp and give yourself a chance for trouble-free and efficient devices in your home. Appropriate repairs and technical support are at your fingertips. Trust our skills and enjoy an efficient and functional home space.

I want to book the services of a handyman! 

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